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Trek to German Tradition: Apple Strudel

While we’ve all been celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, I’ve been reminiscing on all of my previous journeys to Germany.  As you may know, this land holds a special place in my heart:  its … Continue reading

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Trek to Fresh Summer: Peach Cobbler

Cobbler, Crisp, and Crumble.  Much like hoagies, heroes and subs, we all have our own label for this fresh-fruit baked good.  Technically they each have a slightly different twist.  Cobblers have a biscuit-type dough, while crisps may have an oatmeal crust topping.   … Continue reading

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Trek to Tasty Treats: Choco-Coco Bars

I admit it.  I love coconut.  When no one is looking, I will stand over my kitchen sink eating shredded coconut straight from the bag.  I feel I got this coconut obsession from my mother and my grandfather (her father).  We were … Continue reading

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