Trekking to Advice: What my younger self needed to know.

As part of the DC Ladies Blogtober challenge, I’ve undertaken a commitment to Blog/Tweet/Instagram each day according to the direction provided by the Ladies.  Today was truly an interesting one for me contemplate:

What is one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

I instinctively thought about my mother’s constant advice to me, which was “Always Wear Good Underwear.”  But really, who in their right mind doesn’t do that?  Its like my dad reminding me to wear my seat belt, or to put on a jacket when its cold outside.  I think I did pretty good with these things without having to be reminded of them.

Then my mind shifted to my younger, safer self.  While I pushed a few boundaries, I generally did what was expected of me:  went to my family’s favorite college only a few hours from home, majored in consistent field, and took a comfortable job with the federal government.  Sure, life was pretty consistent and safe, but too predictable.

Opportunity hit me in 2004.  The safe and cushy government job asked for volunteers to deploy to Iraq.  After contemplating my grandfather’s WWII service, and a little self assessment, I decided it was something I had to do.  That first taste of the unexpected set me up for a lifetime adventure.

After that, I took vacations by myself, went on 6 or 7 more deployments, and went skydiving.  I think my craziest adventure was planning an entire wedding in 3 weeks.  Needless to say, its all turned out pretty well.  So, to the younger me, and all young women:

Day4 challenge

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