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Trek to Summer: Chicken and Fresh Corn Soup

Summer is now more than half over, and the farmer’s markets are in full swing with local fruits and vegetables.  For me, this time of year is meant for gorging on fresh blueberries and eating ripe tomatoes as if they were apples. … Continue reading

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Trek to Tasty Treats: Choco-Coco Bars

I admit it.  I love coconut.  When no one is looking, I will stand over my kitchen sink eating shredded coconut straight from the bag.  I feel I got this coconut obsession from my mother and my grandfather (her father).  We were … Continue reading

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Trek to My Kitchen: Classic German Potato Salad

Sometimes the weirdest things catch the attention of people and the news.  Take for example, the phenomenon of Cat-Breading or the incomprehensible Honey Boo Boo.  One that recently caught my eye was a man doing the simple task of making his … Continue reading

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Trek to the Pineapple: Welcome to Kitchen Tips

I’ve always loved farmer’s markets and the fresh produce section of the grocery store.  It brings me such joy to see what’s in season, discover new exotics, and return to old staples.  What saddens me is to see entire shelf spaces devoted … Continue reading

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Trek to the Blog!

Hello, and welcome to Hungry Trek. Since early 2013, I have been using multiple social media outlets to express my thoughts and ideas on food and travel, always with the ultimate goal of putting substantial pen to paper (or type to … Continue reading

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